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I'm coteaching a class on Tuesday nights in which we're going to build smart power strips to monitor and control electrical loads. We'll be teaching soldering, a bit of arduino programming, and the perenial favorite, "how big is a kWh?" Starts 4 May. Please forward widely.

Also, Sprouts is a cool place in Davis Sq. Come by for the shop tools, or the radical educational philosophy, or check out the other classes about to start.

Here's the course website and the official description:

ecomodding your home :: creating strategies to conserve electricity is a two month seminar focused on identifying and implementing simple strategies to reduce electricity consumption. In this seminar, we'll use a special power strip developed at sprout. This power strip enables you to see how & when your appliances use electricity and ensure they only use electricity when you want them to.whether that means automatically turning off your TV's standby mode while you're at work or dimming your lamp when its sunny outside.

Coordinated by Eric Smith, Gideon Weisz, and Daniel Bergey (the designers of the smartstrip), this seminar costs $280 (and participants will keep their power strip). Other tools and materials will be made available at sprout's studios, where the seminar is being held each Tuesday evening. For more information, check out the seminar site, or if you're ready to sign up, head over to the eventbrite page.


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